My name is Michèle Pascale (1965/54) and I grew up internationally in different European countries and I later went to college in Amsterdam where I first studied for 2 years at the Free University of Amsterdam for Teacher Training and where I finished Bachelor degrees in both English Language & Literature (1986) and German Language & Literature (1986).

In 1987 I switched to the University of Amsterdam for Scientific Research Training where I did Bachelor Exams in Historical Sciences (1988/89) and where I achieved another Bachelor Degree in German Language & Literary Theory (1990) to gain after that a Doctoral Exam Degree in Communication Science (1994) of which the latter set the direction for my career path.

After university I began my first career in the ICT (Information Communication Technology) whereby I specialised in Database Marketing. As such I worked in (higher) Management and Business Consultancy positions for both commercial organisations and NGOs. Meanwhile I also did many advanced certificated courses and training for further learning and promotion at work and I worked as Secretary and Vice-Chair at the Board of an Insurance Company for 2 terms of 4 years each (1995-2003).

Then after some unexpected experiences my life changed completely and during the following transforming years I kind of ‘found’ Spirituality. Although I was since early age interested in Personal Development and Spirituality in general it still was quite an unknown Terrain for me when I in 2007 decided as ‘left-brainer’ and extrovert person to give in to the ‘Push’ to explore my Inner World and that what lies Beyond.

As a result of this change I left Amsterdam after 23 years to fulfil one of my dreams and I immigrated in 2008 to Berlin where I lived for almost 9 years. During this period a process of more in-depth self-exploration occurred whereby I in 2009 started to gather my thinking and unusual experiences in a more structured way when I researched myself during my PhD Study in ESP Psychology whereby I graduated in 2014 (Summa Cum Laude / GPA 4.0).

During this (ongoing) Raise of Awareness to a Higher Level of Understanding of myself, others and all that goes beyond our earthly comprehension I created in 2011 as extension of my new perceptions my online company MP ONEONONE for Personal Coaching, a Concept whereby I combined Business, Science & Spirituality.

For my PhD Research in ESP I added in 2013 a Subsidiary to my business, MP ESP RESEARCH. In 2017 I transformed MP ONEONONE after I relocated to New York and continued as MP PRO DEO PROJECTS, a Charity, until the end of 2019 to express my activities more into the direction of merely creative production work. To promote my books of which ‘The Nostalgia Project is my first physical publication series I launched at the beginning of this year i.e. 31 January 2020 a new Subsidiary of MP ONEONONE, this independent publishing charity MP BOOK PUBLISHING.

For more details about my person, my Education and my Career I invite you to click the MP Background button above and/or visit MP ONEONONE and MP ESP RESEARCH which are my other websites.

Since the last two decades I work mainly from the home front at a global level and together with my Husband Nicolas and our precious new family we have our main home in New York City. We are since 2019 ‘young’ and proud Parents of our Little Girl Miracle Céleste of 15 months old and our new born Son Michael Geronimo announced himself much earlier than expected and is now 3 months old. We have three Adorable Earth Angels i.e. Furry KiddieCats: Chickasaw The Korat (2004), Chippewa The Forest Cat (2007) and Chowanoc The Bluepoint Siamese (2008) who are with me always wherever I go to bright lighten our days.

                                                                                                                                               27 July 2020, Dr. Michèle Pascale
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